Udaariyaan Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and latest News

Udaariyaan produced  by:

This serial is also available digitally on JioCinema. The director of this serial is Uttam Ahkawat who directed this serial under Devirosh Films production and the producers of this serial are Ali Hassan and Sargun Mehta.

Udaariyaan Realse Date:

Udaariyaan is a famous production of Colors TV that was published ever this serial was aired in March 2021 and continues with an amazing and exclusive twist in the storyline.

Udaariyaan Serial Cast And Leading Role:

The serial Cast of Udaariyaan won the hearts of its audience with their exclusive performance which made this serial hit in whole India. You can see various Indian stars from the drama industry in this serial. The real names of this cast is that the main role of Fateh was played by Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Chakar Choudhary played the role of Tejo in this serial, and the role of Jasmine was played by Twinkle Arora and many other stars are also present in this serial.

Udaariyaan Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of the (Udaariyaan) serial is a love triangle between three college friends two of them sister—Tejo and Jasmine and their friend Fateh. Jasmine was a selfish girl and she only dreamed about going to Canada forever and at any cost. Jasmine and Fateh come close to each other and Tejo also likes Fateh but stays quiet because her sister likes him too. Jasmine and Fateh decided to married with each other and their families also agreed upon this. On the day of their marriage, Jasmine ran from the marriage just because she got a chance to go to Canada. When the family of Jasmine came to know about her mistake they were ashamed about this.

Tejo and Fateh married with each other for the sake of their families. After marriage, they started to fall for each other. After some time, Jasmine came back and then married Amrik. Amrik was a brother of Fateh. Angad was an ex-fiancee of Tejo he set up a fire in the room of Tejo and Tejo died in that fire.

After that Jasmine and Amrik went to London where they met with a girl who exactly; looked like Tejo and then they brought her home. Her name is Tanya, Amrik died while saving Tanya from an accident. After that, a twist came out when Tejo came back from death. Jasmine went to Canada and married Yash there. Fateh and Tejo met again. Jasmine got pregnant with the baby of Amrik and then she left that baby in the hospital without telling anyone. Tejo and Fateh knew about this and brought that kid home and started to bring her up like their own child. On the other hand, after 8 years, Jasmine came back with her daughter Naaz.

Fateh and Tejo tell her about that kid they brought up. Nehmat. Naaz and Nehmat came very close to each other. In a car accident, all the members of that family died except Naaz Nehmat, and Jasmine but she left the country. then they get up on their own in Sandhus.

Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist Story: 

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