Anupamaa may be a TV show that began in July 2020. It is in Hindi and can be watched on Star Also and Disney+ Hotstar. It is made by Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi from Director’s Kut Preparations and may be a change of a Bengali arrangement called Sreemoyee. The most on-screen characters are Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, and Gaurav Khanna.

Choti gets jealous and says she needs to come to the front. Kinjal says anything can happen. She gets pushed by Choti inadvertently and loses the adjust. The car hits the shaft. Anupama sees Pari and Choti cognizant and Kinjal oblivious. She tries to induce down and sees themselves stuck on the cliff, and the car is approximately to drop down from there. Toshu says Kinjal has messaged that she is coming. Vanraj is almost to go, but Babu ji stops him and says message Anupama, she will bring them here.

Anupama is in Hindi and can be watched on Star Also and Dramatvserial. Anupama tries to choose Toshu’s call, but couldn’t reach it. She asks herself that she could be a mother and can’t lose. She enquires Choti to undertake an urge to leave from the other entryway. Choti tries and the entryway appears to be bolted. She says we are going to kick the bucket. Anupama says she will not let anything happen to anybody. Malti Devi tells Anuj that Anupama hasn’t come home till presently, as Choti has lessons. Ankush says she didn’t choose my call either. Anuj calls her.

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