Pandya Store Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, News and Spoilers

Pandya Store Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Characters:

The cast of this serial Pandya Store is very famous because of their performance that melts the hearts of the audience and because of their connection with the character in that story. The real name of the actors and actresses in this series is that the main role of Dhara was played by Shiny Doshi, who was a famous Indian model and actress and worked in many Indian series. The male role is played by Kinshuk Mahanjan, who was also famous for his performance.

Pandya Store Realse Date:

Pandya Store is one of the best Indian TV serials that was aired on Star Plus on 25 January 2021 and is still running with exclusive and amazing twists in the story.

Pandya Store Plot Story:

The serial is also available on Disney+ Hotstar for watch later. The popularity of this serial is because of its unique concept of the story and highlighting the social issue a middle-class family has to face today. This serial was directed by Pradeep Yadav and the producers of this serial are Waddhwa and Commal Sunjoy.


Pandya Store Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial starts with the life of a middle-class family that had the only source of income in their Glosray store. This Pandya family consists of six family members and the father of that family runs that store. After the sudden death of their father, the eldest son of that family Gautam left his studies and started to take care of that store while his other siblings were young at that time.

The mother of Gautam at first doesn’t like her but the passive of time and her humble behavior melt her heart and they become very attracted soon. One day a businessman came to that Pandya store and asked Gautam to sell that store to him and they wanted to start a new project of their business there.

The mother of Gautam was a serious lady and she wanted her children’s benefits. Gautam decided to marry with Dhara. Dhara was a simple girl with humble behavior and the daughter of his father’s friend. They got married to each other. After marriage Dhara won the hearts of the family with her noble behavior she helped her husband in his store and also did all the housework and she grew up with all the siblings of Gautam as elder sisters.

 Gautam and Dhara rejected his offer and that person took it attitude and then he started to make hurdles for them and force them to sell that store to him. For that, he did various things, and the whole store was buried in loans, and their situation ran down day by day. Then Dhara and Gautam connected with a journalist and asked them for help. After that, that journalist tried her best and then took this matter to court and won the case.

  Pandya Store Serial Gossip:

To watch all the upcoming episodes and twists stay in touch with us on our website Dramatvserial and enjoy. The siblings of Gautam grew up and now their stories started. Dev, Krish, and Shiva. All of them love Dhara as their elder sister and always obey her. After clearing all the loans they were able to get their Pandya store back.