Jhanak Serial Cast, Twist Story, Spoilers, Latest News and Written Update

Jhanak Reales Date:

Jhanak is a newly released Indian TV serial in the Hindi language that premiered on Star Plus on 20 November 2023.

Jhanak Serial produced by :

This serial won the hearts of its audience with its cast performance and unique storyline. This serial was directed and produced by Leena Gangopadhyay under the Magic Moments pictures.

Jhanak Serial Cast And Main Role:

The serial cast of Jhanak contains various Indian stars that were very famous for their performance in the Indian drama industry the main leading role of the female is played by Hina Nawab and she was a very famous Indian model and actress. The male role was played by Krushal Ahuja and you can see many other stars in this serial.

Jhanak Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial starts with the life of a girl Jhanak, who lives with her mother she is a very energetic girl with big dreams that she wants to achieve in any case. For that, she started her career in a Software company. The boss of that company fell for her and then he sent a marriage proposal to her. That person was already married and wanted her because of her beauty and innocence. The mother of Jhanak was very kind to her and loved her very much and then she rejected the proposal and supported her daughter in any case. Her mother died of cancer and she came to know about this after her mother’s death. She blamed herself very much and then she started to live alone.

Her boss wanted to take revenge on her for rejecting his proposal and he was in a chance of that thing. After hearing about her mother’s death, he again sent a proposal to her but she rejected it again and then her boss fired her without any reason. Now she had no one and she lived alone.

On her birthday, her friend Mohini wanted to surprise her with her birthday cake but she was not happy because she lost her mother a few months ago. To distake her from that situation. Her friend brought her to a birthday party of her friend, Arshi. When she met with all her friends from college for some time she forgot about her past. She got stuck in a washroom and when she came out to the part her cake was distributed to the others and Arshi forgot to keep the piece of cake for her. After that, Anirudh shares his cake with Jhanak and this makes Arshi disappointed because Arshi is in love with Anirudh but Anirudh is in love with Jhanak.

After that, Arshi gave her phone and asked her to hold this moment and then she took a very long while this made Jhanak angry and she just left the party Arshi took it wrongly and she thought that she was jealous because she was with Anirudh while Anirudh care about Jhanak very much.

Jhanak Upcoming Twist Story:

To watch all the news and episodes of this serial stay in touch with us on our website Dramatvserial. What will happen next? The upcoming twist of the story is that Jhanak was kicked out of her apartment and snow she had nowhere to live then Anirudh took her to his home.