ChooKar Mere Mann Ko Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and News

Chookar Mere Mann Ko  Plot Story:

Chookar Mere Mann Ko is a famous Indian TV serial that was aired on the DD nation channel of India. This serial is present in the Hindi language and this channel belongs to the Doordarshan network. The main purpose of this serial is to highlight the social issue that a village girl has to face in a big city. This serial became famous because of its cast performance. This serial was directed by Rahul Butt with the collapse of the Doordarshan network.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Leading Role:

The cast of this serial Chookar Mere Mann Ko became famous because of their performance in this serial and won the hearts of the audience with their stories. The real names of actors and actresses in this serial are that the main role of Pari was played by Samiksha Singh, and she became famous because of her unique performance. Roshni Sharma played the role of Alvira and Kristi Singh played the role of Tiya in this serial. You can also see various other Indian drama stars in this serial.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko  Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of Chookar Mere Mann Ko s’serial contains the main theme of highlighting the issue of Socio-culture in India. The story begins with the lives of three college girls, Pari, Alvira, and Tiya who live in the same village miles away from Mumbai they decide to move to Mumbai for the sake of a better life and jobs, and for that, they get permission from their parents and started their journey together. In Mumbai, they started to live with an old couple on rent. That old couple was very humble and kind people and they had no one except each other and for that, they took care of them like their own children. After some time, All the girls got new jobs in Mumbai. Pari got a job in a media company and started her career as a journalist. TIya is a teacher and Alvira is an employee of a software company.

The house of that old couple was in the main position of the city and the land of that house was worth millions and for that sake, some businessman wanted to buy that place for their business projects. They wanted to open a mall in that place. For that, they always came to that couple to sell that house. The old couple had only one thing left in that world that house and their son had a lot of memories in that house they lost their son a few years ago in a car accident and for that, they never wanted to sell that house but that businessman Udaay, Wanted it at any cost. Pari came to know about that matter and then she came into it and when they forced them to sell that place an old couple lost their hope.

Upcoming Twist:

To watch all the episodes of this serial stay in touch with us on our website Dramatvserial and enjoy for free. PAri used her journalist power and took that matter to court and then after a long conflict, finally the old couple won the case and they became much happier.