Barsatein Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, and News

Barsatein Timing And Realse Date:

“Barsatein” is planned to be watched on Hindi Entertainment Channel Sony Entertainment Tv from 10th July 2023 on Monday to Saturday at 8 pm.

Barsatein Chennal:

In July 2023, Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka, an in-demand popular TV serial in India, launched on Sony Entertainment Television and quickly gained immense popularity.

 Barsatein Serial Cast Main Role:

The main story of the Barsaatein series revolves around Shivangi Joshi as Aradhana, a journalist who wants to work for Kushal Tandon at Reyansh’s firm, but her mother, Bhakti Saii Ranade, a Dentist, wants her to pursue a medical career.


Barsatein Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The latest episode starts with that amazing scene where “Jay and Aradhna” are planning to get married and Reyansh goes to the police station after hearing this current situation. Reyansh begins hitting the police blockades furiously when a bunch of cops capture him and bring him inside.

Within the up-and-coming story of Barsatein, Aradhna forsakes Jay to wed Reyansh. The current story of “Barsatein rotates around Jay and Aradhna’s pre-wedding capacities in full swing with consistent precautions from Reyansh. Aradhna asks Reyansh to take off her alone after which he strolls out of the work with tears in his eyes. In any case, according to the most recent spoilers of this serial, Jay will get blamed by the police for being an extortion as a young lady claims to be his spouse.

The inspector inquires Aradhna on the off chance that usually the same Reyansh she was talking around to which she replies yes. Aradhna’s attorney says that Reyansh will have to keep up a distance of 20 feet from Aradhna keep away from her. Reynash enquiries Aradhna if she will be able to cherish without him to which she says yes whereas Jay says that Reyansh’s claimed activities have brought this on him.

Reyansh says that no matter how difficult Aradhna tries, she will never be able to go through with this choice. Aradhna vouches for Jay and tells the auditor that Jay is guiltless but the reviewer closes her off and says that she cannot deter equity.

Everybody goes to the police station beside Jay where he is addressed. In the meantime, Aradhna calls Reyansh and tells him that no matter what he does, she will wed Jay. She says that indeed on the off chance that she ought to wed Jay within the police station, at that point she will since that’s her last choice and there’s no way that she is planning to alter it.

Reynash answers that Aradhna can attempt all she needs be that as it may, he will be the one putting vermillion into Aradhna’s temple. Back inside, Jay tells the auditor that he has never seen the lady within the video in his life and feels that Reyansh has set him up. The examiner answers that it is his work to see who has set who up and not Jay’s. Aradhna holds Jay’s hand and begins strolling out of the police station together with him.

Barsatein Upcoming Story Twist:

Hindi Entertainment Channel Sony Entertainment TV and dramatvserial Jay will be captured and put into imprisonment whereas Aradhna will ask Reyansh to wed her. Reyansh and Aradhna will get hitched to each other whereas Jay remains behind bars. It is shocking how Aradhna did not accept Jay once and chose Reyansh indeed in case Jay was continuously strong of her.

Let us see how Jay responds to Aradhna’s choice to take him off in future scenes.